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  • 菲利普李-田径主任/校队教练棒球

    The reason why I got into coaching is because of the impact that I believe a coach has on a student athlete's life.  The life lessons and relationships that are learned and built through athletics are priceless.
  • 肯·肖-田径的副主任

    Ken Shaw comes to Calvary Day School with over 10+ years of experience in Athletics Administration. 他最近的工作是在北卡罗来纳州温斯顿-塞勒姆的顶峰学校. 他的重点领域是中学体育, 指导专业发展, 还有所有的物流,包括调度. 他也将作为各各他与S的联络人.P.A.L. (萨凡纳教区体育联盟)中学体育. 肯持有来自NIAAA的CMAA(认证硕士体育管理员)认证.
  • Daniel Jackson - Asst. 体育总监/校队教练女子篮球

    丹尼尔担任助理广告运营和大学女子篮球主教练.  他的影响在他执教的许多领域都能感受到,并影响着整个孩子的成长. Daniel earned a B.A. 毕业于佐治亚南方大学商业、社会学和司法研究专业. His life verse is Psalm 91:1-2.
  • 劳拉斯皮维-青年学院/低年级体育/校队垒球

    I coach to pass on the passion for softball and the life lessons I learned along my own journey. 把我塑造成今天这样的教练对他们的球员有更高的标准. 这些都是我今天努力灌输给我的球员的标准. 灌输努力工作的基本原则, discipline, sportsmanship and respect will help inspire these young women to become well rounded adults with strong character.


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  • Brooks Climmons - Wrestling

  • Phillip Yount - Boys Lacrosse

    我当教练是因为我喜欢倾注于孩子们身上,帮助他们建立有意义十大网赌软件推荐. 团队运动中教授的技能很重要, 但比起你可以分享的终身关系,这些都是次要的.
  • Mark Cribbs - Clay Target

  • 格兰特巴特勒-男孩和女孩网球

  • Ansel Maynard

    Ansel Maynard - Esports

    I coach to share my passion for competitive gaming and to develop young adults into the best versions of themselves. 我的目标是促进竞技游戏社区的发展, 培养专业精神和团队合作精神, 引导运动员成为以基督为中心的人.
  • Ashlyn Brant-游泳联合总教练

    我当教练是因为我爱学生,我喜欢游泳的复杂性. 游泳是一项特殊的运动,需要很大的耐力和力量. 我很感激能有机会把上帝的爱倾注给这些孩子, and the sport of swimming. The long hours of practice outside of school are some of the most rewarding because of the goals we set and work for/achieve, the relationships formed, 还有我们一起学习的人生课程.
  • 丽贝卡·马修斯-游泳联合总教练

    教练让我分享我对游泳和主的热情. I not only get to challenge them to excel in the pool but also challenge them in their walk with the Lord. That is a true honor and a pleasure and I strive to be the best I can for them and to honor God.
  • 权杖布朗利-大学男生篮球

    如果耶稣基督拯救了我的灵魂,那么篮球就拯救了我的生命. 从小到大,我参加过各种各样的运动,但篮球是我的最爱. I was fortunate to encounter great coaches who used basketball to teach me what it meant to be a good person, a hard worker, and a leader. 我执教是为了向那些帮助我追逐梦想的教练们致敬. 我想帮助年轻人解开上帝对他们人生的计划, 并成为一个向导,提醒他们生活中的许多陷阱和分心. 篮球是我的平台,但基督是道路和为什么.
  • Chad Carver - Varsity Golf

    I coach to nurture the development of young people both individually and collectively through hard work and love with a strong belief in themselves, 和其他人达成一个共同的目标.
  • Bailey Thornton

    Bailey Thornton - Varsity Cheer

    I coach to not only share my love for cheerleading, but to share my love for others and the Lord. I coach to instill confidence in young women and show them how to overcome obstacles and challenges, in all aspects of life. I coach so that students know they can excel in what God has called them to do while showing the love of Christ to those around them. I want my athletes to know they have someone who believes in them so they can believe in themselves.
  • Taylor King

    Taylor King - Bass Fishing

    I coach to serve and lead our young people through Christ so they can become better Christians, sons/daughters, siblings, leaders, students, young adults, and student-athletes.
  • 布鲁克·卡梅伦-大学排球队
  • Mark Stroud - Varsity Football

    I coach to positively impact student athletes to help them become the person Christ created them to be by providing a Christ centered habitat , 发展人际关系,树立基督的榜样.
  • E.J. Kubiak - Varsity Girls Soccer

    I coach to create an impactful experience for young athletes to learn the game of soccer, grow in their character, practice professionalism, 并建立将运动员指向基督十大网赌软件推荐.
  • 安迪科尔塔-越野/轨道 & Field

    为什么我当教练:我当教练是为了分享我个人对竞技跑步的热情. I coach to help kids to utilize their talents that they never thought they had and achieve success that they never thought was possible. 我当教练是因为我坚信精神, emotional and physical skills needed to be a successful runner translate to being successful in life. Lastly, I coach because I want to share the parallels of biblical teachings to competitive running.

Team Physician

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  • David N. Palmer, MD - Team Physician

    David Palmer, MD is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with specialty training in sports medicine. Dr. Palmer received his medical degree and completed his internship at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He followed his internship with a medical residency at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. After completing his residency he pursued additional training at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. 擅长治疗运动员和运动疾病. Palmer found his passion for sports medicine while playing linebacker for the Florida State Seminoles. Observing and interacting with the team’s trainers gave him the desire to pursue a career in orthopedic medicine. Dr. Palmer has been in practice with Optim Orthopedics for 22 years; seeing patients in Savannah and the surrounding areas. 他曾担任各各他日校的队医三年. To learn more about Dr. Palmer, please visit